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Invisi Smart Masks

Invisi Smart


Developed by Invisi Smart Technologies, Invisi Smart Shield™ is a molecular nanocoating applied directly to the mask, which is proven to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. It also breaks down volatile organic compounds and air pollutants. The immune system uses reactive oxygen species (ROS) to eradicate any unknown invader as a first defence. Invisi Smart Shield™ mimics the human immune system’s natural response.Our superior technology uses ROS, which gives it the ability to continuously decompose pathogens, organic and inorganic compounds by completely converting them into carbon dioxide & water and even eliminating the build-up of residual matter from its surface.

Packaging and Labeling


Invisi Smart Mask has a seamless antimicrobial shield that ranges between 1-2μm in thickness, creating invisible protection. Conventional masks offer a standard level of safety and are often ineffective as they allow pathogens to be deposited on the mask that can cause cross-contamination. The Invisi Smart Mask™ activates upon use and continues disinfecting until the signature logo fades. Our self-cleaning technology means that our mask can be re-used and disposed of safely.


  • Pathogens are transmitted in droplets and airborne matter to the mask 
  • Particulate matter filters cannot inhibit all viruses from passing through 
  • Pathogens can often get stuck and can live within them for up to 9 days
  • Infection risk increases when handling contaminated mask (i.e. removing/doffing, etc.)


Over 10 years ago, Invisi Smart Technologies  set out to develop a protective treatment to help fight the ever-increasing threat from pathogens. Their distinguished team of scientists have engineered a high-performing solution with a 4-log reduction rate killing 99.99% of viruses and bacteria with lasting efficacy of up to 5 years.Invisi Smart products have been registered with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and have been approved & recognised with CE and ISO certifications.

THE MODERN DAY PROBLEMMicroorganisms are common and sometimes essential for life, however, there are a growing number of studies that indicate the increase of pathogenicity in microbes, which can have fatal consequences.

HOSPITAL ACQUIRED INFECTIONSHospital surfaces serve as a reservoir for pathogenic microbes and may be a key role in the transmission of HAIs. Microbes on surfaces can spread directly to people by contact with a growing number of studies indicating that contaminated surfaces can support the spread of harmful diseases.

VIRULENT PATHOGENSRespiratory viruses such as coronavirus, influenza, syncytial virus, metapneumovirus and rhinovirus are contagious and can cause infection that in some cases can lead to epidemic or even pandemic outbreaks.


Their coating is a molecular nanotechnology that is proven to destroy viruses. The active ingredient is titanium dioxide which no other disinfectant has incorporated in their solution.Titanium dioxide is a nontoxic certified EPA and FDA approved (as GRAS) food-contact material exhibiting strong antimicrobial activity. It has been universally proven to destroy any organic substances that come into contact with it. Our technology manipulates titanium dioxide allowing it to bond tightly to the mask.