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Pure Products

Pure Path

PürePath is the original walkthrough disinfection unit. The PürePath system starts with a highly accurate non-contact temperature measurement system and automated hand sani zer system. It’s then followed with a full-body disinfection area. Our atomiza on technology disperses super-fine particles of human-safe sanitizer. This process effectively kills viruses and other harmful microbes without leaving any residue on surfaces or clothing.

Pure Home

PüreHome is a lightweight and portable automated decontamination system, designed specifically to help you maintain a pure and contaminant-free environment in your home. It is equipped with a safe, reliable and potent antimicrobial system that employs state of the art atomization technology. PüreHome facilitates rapid generation and dispersion of food-grade an microbial vapor to every corner of your room, to provide you with safe and effective automated disinfection 24/7.

Pure Space

PüreSpace is a small, potent antimicrobial system which employs state-of-the-art atomization technology to facilitate rapid generation and dispersion of food-grade an microbial vapor, to decontaminate every corner of your room. PüreSpace constantly combats and destroys harmful pathogens in your environment and provides you with safe and effective automated disinfection 24/7.

Pure Couture

Meet the new standard in caring for our luxury clothing. Using the power of UV and steam, our proprietary system kills harmful microbes (like viruses) and keeps clothing fresh for the next wear. Its sleek and minimal design makes it easy to slip into any space beau fully. Whether in a luxury boutique sanitizing before the next customer, or in the comfort of your home to replace dry cleaning all together, the PüreCouture is a must-have for owners elegant clothing.

Pure Sol

Highly effective, family friendly, animal safe and ready in minutes! The PüreSol provides you with the most organic method to make a highly effective disinfectant using simple household staples: salt and water. PüreSol uses proven technology based on decades of scientific research to help you eliminate 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and other harmful pathogens trying to invade your personal space.

Pure Meter

Protect your business, school, or office with temperature checks. PüreMeter system easily utilizes non-contact high-accuracy (±0.3° F) infrared technology. People can pass through in just moments. Comes with a stand with mul ple height options or can be installed easily into a wall. Is weatherproof and dust-proof making it perfect for indoor or outdoor use.