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Russell Wolf

Russell Wolf

CEO and Founder

About Russell

Russell W. Wolf has more than 27 years of collective business experience, including insurance and financial services industries, crypto currency, the medical field, pharmaceutical, law enforcement, school administration, the travel industry and ministry. He is a serial entrepreneur having founded multiple companies, including but not limited to the Business of Champions with Baseball Hall of Fame’s Lou Brock and Endzone Financial, with Football Hall of Fame’s Bobby Bell. Russell has worked with the Kansas City Chiefs, Millrun Tours, the National Football League and Major League Baseball.

Russell served as a sales manager for Genetest4u, a pharmaceutical company, and is HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) certified. In addition, he led an in-depth public relations campaign focused on a crypto currency company in the medical space. The PR campaign received over 5,000 impressions globally through various news outlets. In addition, Russell leveraged his extensive sales experience to build a global sales team, in the medical space, of more than 250,000 sales agents. In his more than 10 years in medical sales, Russell has secured several million in sales.

Russell’s diverse business background includes serving as an administrator for a K-12 Christian School in Lincoln, NE., serving as a Senior Vice President of Marketing for Midwest Innovate Marketing Services, and negotiating with CEOs and CFOs of various size financial institutions. In addition, he has nearly a decade of law enforcement experience and more than 25 years of pastoral experience, including serving as the men’s ministry director of the Nebraska District. He is currently serving as the senior Pastor for Calvary Tabernacle in Grand Island, NE.

A serial entrepreneur by skill, Russell was one of three founding partners of the Business of Champions, LLC. His business partner was none other than Baseball Hall of Fame’s Lou Brock. This company focused on various proprietary products, specializing in algorithm programs to keep children safe online. In addition, he was a founding partner of Endzone Financial, LLC, along with Football Hall of Fame’s Bobby Bell. This company caters to high net worth clients in the financial services industry. Russell’s other entrepreneurial endeavors netted a business relationship with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Russell’s philanthropic endeavors include founding P.A.R.T.Y. (Partner Aligning Reaching Today’s Youth) a youth-oriented organization and serving on numerous non-profit boards. He is a tireless servant leader having held multiple positions at non-profits, including but not limited to, serving as a Youth Board Secretary, Northcentral Regional Youth President for North America, multiple years as a District Superintendent and serving on the school board for Grand Island Christian School.