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Steve Chandler

Steve Chandler


About Steve

Steve Chandler has more than 40 years of collective business experience, in multiple industries, which include but are not limited to, medical sales, medical technologies, molecular diagnostics, mobile health, consumer health, voluntary employee benefits, nonprofit fundraising, and travel industries. His clients have included the National Cancer Institute, American Diabetes Association, Atlas Genomics, MedComp Science Laboratories, WellPortals, CardioDX, Syapse, the Kansas City Chiefs, Wounded Warrior Project, and Michelin Tire. 

Steve attended Wake Forest University where he graduated with a major in Cultural Anthropology and a minor in Biology. After graduation, he served as an environmental engineer for a national food chain where he inspected more than 100 national locations for corporate health and safety compliance.

In 2015, Steve cofounded Medical Network Associates (MNA), a national medical sales company, with Mike Wood. MNA was created to take advantage of emerging technologies during a period of significant disruption in the medical industry. MNA’s mission was to identify new product and sales opportunities for disruptive, next-gen products and services in the medical technology sector. MNA focused on companies and technologies in the molecular diagnostics, mobile health, and consumer health segments.

As a contract sales company, MNA had a sales force of more than 50 national sales agents selling to hospitals, individual physicians, and physician groups. In 2018, MNA was sold to a client company to bring their sales division in-house.

In addition to his time at MNA, Steve managed and provided sales training for more than 16,000 sales agents within the voluntary employee benefits, nonprofit fundraising, and travel industries. Under his direction the sales programs secured more than 10,000 local and national accounts. These accounts included nationally recognized for-profit and nonprofit organizations.

Steve’s philanthropic endeavors include involvement in numerous medical mission trips to East Africa with his father who is an internist and diabetes researcher at the Wake Forest University Medical Center. Steve and his father also created Diabetes Free America, a 16-week lifestyle modification program for type 2 diabetics